You know you're an adult...

...when you can bake a cake and NOT lick the bowl or any of the implements it was made with after it is in the oven.

I have not reached this stage.

In other news, the Christmas cake is baking in the oven!
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At lunchtime today, I went down the royal mile to have a look at the fringe performers.  I try to always have at least a quick look every festival, as it's colourful and there is always something different going on.  I loved going there when I was a kid as there were always stalls full of things to sell - today was no different!  The usual jewellery, paintings and artists ready to draw your portrait were there - along with the usual people handing out flyers for their shows.  Crowds of people of every nationality, sitting down having a coffee or wandering around the acts that were performing.  Tourist season is definitely on the go!  I'm very glad I don't live right in the middle of town as I'd never be able to get anywhere, people seem to meander rather than walk; which is fair enough as they are there to see the sights - but I'm a native and need to get somewhere!  Soon it will be over and the royal mile can get back to it's usual levels of tourists; at this time of the year it's best avoided unless you are there to pick up some flyers or see whats going on.
Have a look at some of the photos I took (yes, it was as good a reason as any to go snappety snappety):

A few things...

A few things I learnt this past week:

1. I can survive being in 44 degrees
2. I can manage to navigate through an airport.
3. There can be such a thing as too much brunch.
4. Lazing about in the hot hot sun reading a book is pretty much the best way to spend a morning waking up.
5. Camels stand up in the oddest way.
6. Having sand in your boots will be the result of trying to climb up a sand dune.
7. There is greenery in the desert.
8. How to smoke sheesha, or hookah.
9. My camera has the hole to fit a stand at one end - making a gorillapod useless as it just tilts.
10. Sandalwood can be used as a deodorant when burned.
11. There is such a thing as an indoor ski slope.
12. The best way to stay awake when fighting sleep is to walk and keep on walking.
13. I can fall asleep on a plane.
14. I can have makeup all down my face(as I've been sleeping on the plane) and not care as I'm almost home.

See for evidence.
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Hi, yeah not dead, still here, just absent from LJ :)

I got a new camera a few months ago, and I've been meaning to upload the photos I've taken for a while - and i finally got round to it tonight :) If you are on facebook and have added me I've put some pics up there, but the rest (non people specific ones) I've stuck over on flickr:

Took quite a few at the fireworks display last night (I adore fireworks!) so I finally got myself round to uploading my pics.


Edit: OOh! I just noticed, last time I posted was 09/04 and today its 04/09. Thats both spooky and rather shameful at the same time.


A couple of icons I made :) I'm sorry but I've completely forgotten whose brushes I used, if its yours please let me know and I will give credit.

The last one was from a cap taken by laes112.

Feel free to use but please comment/credit :)

Quoth the zowie, 'Nowt to say'

I've got the urge to post something, but I really dont have much to say. So i'll post a verse from Edgar Allan Poe's poem that has been going round my head recently:

Once upon a midnight dreary...while I pondered weak and weary
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
"'Tis some visiter," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door --
Only this, and nothing more."

I love the line 'Quoth the raven,'Nevermore'.' It sounds so silky on the toungue to say :)

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Correct me if I'm wrong but £1758 hardly equates to 'tens of thousands of pounds'.

Dundee City Council has coined in tens of thousands of pounds over the last three years because its car park ticket machines do not give out change. 
The value of tickets issued in council car parks over the period came to £6,372,077. 

A total of £7,153,835 was collected from the machines, although the figure included £780,000 generated through the purchase of seasonal parking tickets. 

£7,153,835 - £6,372,077 - £780,000 = £1758. Hardly tens of thousands.

And over 3 years? Thats just over £1.60 a day. Hardly the sensational news that the first paragraph promised.
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As I sit here, upon my throne...

...awaiting the queue to get into my realm of choice on Warcraft, I decided it's about time for my 'I aten't ded' post. Those who know Granny Weatherwax will get the reference :D

So, what have my meanderings been these past few months? I've been back to Glasgow to see some friends (together with a viewing of some rather odd, but amusing, random dancing gentlemen). I've sobbed over Pride and Prejudice again (oh! Mr Darcy!), snuggled up to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events and shamelessly enjoyed Nanny McPhee. I've never claimed to have anything but eclectic taste.

For those who could care less about my wanderings in the lands of Azeroth (aka Warcraft) turn away now. I'm updating just to note for posterity (or is it posterior?) that my paladin and mage are 60, my druid is 57, hunter 40 and warrior 27. Looking back at my previous entries i'm amused at how far I've come. Maybe I can stop when all 8 are 60 ... no I didn't think you'd believe that. It's still rather shocking to me that I can still be so interested in a game, though I guess that half the attraction is the people I play with. It's far more engaging to be fighting the forces of evil with friends than to smite them solo. As Minsc would say, Butt-kicking for goodness!

Those who have averted your eyes my look back now. I leave you with a poem that I recalled as I started to write this note.

Upon my throne

I sit upon my throne, a lonely king.
What will I say, this day, to me did bring -
Happiness, more loneliness, more wealth or poverty?-
I sit upon my throne, a king in slings.

I sit upon my throne, a king alone.
Here where I sit I do not have a phone.
If I loudly shouted, not a soul would hear my words
As I sit here alone upon my throne.

I am the king of all my realms I see.
There is no one in my throne room but me.
I'm the king of my throne seat and it's kind of neat –
Oh, well, I'm done -the bathroom now is free.


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Seriously, don't watch this when you are stoned. I sat for a good ten minutes even without the use of narcotics staring at this (and the music wasn't that bad either):

Stolen gleefully from theferrett

(Yes I'm alive - what can I say, lvl 60 paladin, lvl 53 mage and lvl 40 druid. I hang my head in shame.)
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